The Event

This event is at the forefront of the discussion around transforming the way people play, coach & watch sports.

Coaches are using data to identify an edge in performance but this analysis isn't just restricted to athletes. There is huge amounts of money at stake in understanding how fans engage with the sport or a brand. By tailoring sports advertising or broadcast content we can drive generate higher revenues.

This will be the first time the European sporting ecosystem has a networking forum that combines these two focuses. As an attendee you will get insight into how we are using data analytics in elite performance and also how the industry is relaying fascinating digital content to fans.

With the threat of the competition, most of the work done in data analysis remains unseen and undisclosed in the sports industry. This exclusive summit gives you a unique glimpse of how data analysis is building the most successful sports teams and biggest brands in the world. Our talks revolve around the following topics:

  • Challenging the status quo in the sports industry: Using data analysis to optimise performance in cycling, football, rugby, athletics, swimming, snowsports, tennis, hockey, sailing and many more sports.

  • The analytics journey to Rio 2016 by several Olympic sports. Looking at the technology, processes between coaches and athletes, plus examples of insight and improvements made

  • The ability to use tech (wearables, tracking) to gain real time insight and knowledge which, critically, allows actionable decisions to be made that change the course of a game.

  • Online video and social media: Increasing fan engagement through quality communication, storytelling and growing digital reach

  • What are the challenges in creating, analysing and delivering live data, video and editorial content for a generation which has now been brought up with a variety of different screens?

  • What is next? Tracking data, wearables, next generation analytics, big data, virtual reality

  • How do we connect elite sport with mass participation, using data solutions, for the good of the whole sport?

  • Why Attend

    The goal of this summit is to provide a forum for industry professionals (both from sports performance and fan engagement) to discuss the increasing role of analytics in the global sports industry. By bringing together these two pivotal audiences in the sports industry, our 450 person summit is dedicated to foster growth and innovation in this arena. You should attend if you are doing the following:

  • Becoming an innovative leader in creating, analyzing and delivering live data, video and editorial content to sports fans

  • Capturing the drama and excitement of live sports using in-action data

  • Developing a data rich understanding of sports performance and want to meet leaders from across elite sport

  • Producing technology which allows the tracking, analysis and reporting on player performance
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    The Event